RAS are manufacturers of high precision German sheetmetal machinery ideal for the small to large sheetmetal worker. With a large range of products available for bending, cutting, forming and punching, your manufacturing possibilities are endless.

RAS offers a number of solutions for bending components, dependent on material type, thickness, length and part profile, the machines start with the TurboBend, and progress to TURBObend plus, FLEXIbend, GIGAbend, XL and XXL centre, Up/Down bend, and bend centre, MiniBend and MultiBend cetre, the MiniBend and MultiBend can be fully automated and include automatic tool change, part manipulation and material loading. “High-Tech made by RAS”


  • RAS ProfileCenter

    The Profile Center is a bending center for metal components up to 3200 mm in length and 700 mm in width. The capacity of the machine is designed for 2 mm mild steel or 1.5 mm stainless steel materials. The Profile Center…

  • RAS XLT bend

    For those who form complex precision sheet metal parts like cassettes, panels, and boxes and are wanting to increase productivity, the XLT bend is a perfect fit.

  • RAS Minibend Center

    The RAS MiniBendCenter is the world’s first automatic folding center for small parts. Blanks will be automatically fed, squared and measured. Tool setup is all automatic. A manipulator moves and rotates the blank automatically to…

  • RAS TURBObend

    The first folding system that knows how to run your parts. You select the part you want to create from a picture based icon library, enter the flange dimensions and angles and push one button. The control automatically programs the…

  • RAS DuctZipper

    The RAS DuctZipper allows you to produce the highest quality duct work faster, easier, and more profitably than ever before. RAS technology and engineering have taken the seaming process from the traditional three steps down…

  • RAS EasyFormer

    RAS introduces the EasyFormer, the second generation of intelligent swaging machines. They actually “learn” as you swage and flange! When you’re ready to produce the first work piece, just press the “Teach” function.

  • RAS Flanging

    The RAS 21.20 flanging machine turns up 90 degree flanges on radius cheeks so that the parts are ready for Pittsburgh or Snaplock joints. Quick, Safe, Cost efficient. The operation speed is variable between 0 and 9.4 m/min.

  • RAS FLEXIbend

    The Click-In-Tool system for the upper beam and the folding beam accepts the sharp tools, the 80 mm and 155 mm deep goatsfoot tools, as well as the segmented folding beam tools, and clamps them automatically. The 15″…

  • RAS GIGAbend

    An intelligent crowning system and 120 tons of clamping pressure ensure perfect folded parts on 6 mm mild steel or 4 mm stainless. Straight bends are essential for perfectly folded parts. A sturdy and solid machine design is the…

  • RAS Multibend Center

    If you want to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, in high quantity, regardless of batch-size, with the highest levels of flexibility and total repeatability, welcome to the next level of metal fabrication!

  • RAS POWERcut

    With the RAS POWERcut, you can cut sheet metal with high precision and then sort the cut pieces and transport them back to the operator. The programmable blade adjustment, the CNC backgauge and the moveable…

  • RAS PRIMEcut

    With its 3 mm capacity and 3100 mm cutting length the RAS PRIMEcut combines all features a critical user expects from modern shearing technology. Innovative swing beam technology offers clean and right-angled cuts.

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