Located in the Netherlands, Q-Fin is an innovative company with extensive experience, specialising in machinery for deburring, grinding and finishing of metal components.

What separates the Q-Fin machines from standard finishing machines is their innovative vacuum and magnetic system. Workpieces lie firmly on the conveyor table, enabling the brushes and grinding belt to transmit more power. This results in higher quality rounding and higher production rates.
The vacuum and magnetic system also allows manufactures to process parts as small as 20 x 20 mm in size and adds the ability to process small aluminium parts easily and safely.


  • Q-Fin TopGrinder

    The TopGrinder by Q-fin is a manually operated machine that can be used for various metalworking processes like grinding, deburring and polishing. The TopGrinder allows you to cost-effectively and effortlessly produce a high-grade rounding.

  • Q-Fin F1200

    Designed for processing larger work pieces. This deburring machine with vacuum system can be used for the following types of work on non-ferrous metals: finishing, deburring, burr removal, edge breaking and edge rounding with a large radius.

  • Q-Fin F200

    Developed and built in the Netherlands, the Fierde is a deburring machine especially designed for processing small workpieces with a width up to 200 mm. The Fierde features a brush height tracking system designed by Q-fin.

  • Q-Fin F600

    The F600 is suitable for products with a width up to 600 mm.  This smaller version of the F1200 is also equipped with a grinding device and 4 oscillating brushes. With this machine you can perform various finishing operations.

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