Sheetmetal Machinery Australia offers laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, corner notchers, guillotines and shears for almost any application. With machinery from Cutlite Penta, Resato, Boschert, SafanDarley, RAS and Simasv quality is guaranteed.

  • Boschert CombiLaser

    The Boschert CombiLaser combines the advantages of high quality laser cutting with the unique features of CNC punching. Operations such as forming, beading, trimming and threading all on one machine.

  • Resato Waterjet

    Resato is one of the few Water Jet Cutting installations suppliers that highhandedly develop and build both the high pressure water jet pumps and the cutting tables. The proven modular Water Jet Cutting installation type ACM comes…

  • Cutlite Penta Fiber LME

    The new LME fiber cutting system is now included within the Cutlite Penta range of products: small-sized machines with speed and accuracy performances of excellence.

  • Cutlite Penta Fiber Plus

    The FIBER PLUS combines high performance, great structural stiffness and high efficiency. The linear motor technology enables high dynamic (≤ 2.5g), allowing high productivity even on extremely complex….

  • Cutlite Penta PLUS CP

    The PLUS CP RF in the best solution in terms of affordability and efficiency taking the advantage from the small size of the whole system combined with the liner motors.

  • Cutlite Penta PLUS LM 3020

    Cutlite Penta’s production philosophy has always had high performances and dependability as goals, crucial for the production of systems suitable to heavy industrial use.  The PLUS LM series is…

  • Boschert Combicut

    Boschert has developed a cost effective alternative to combination punch / laser machines and now make it possible to cut even thin gauge sheet metal to a very high quality. The Boschert Combicut: Productivity…

  • Boschert Ergo-Cut

    Industrial quality plasma cutting. The Ergo-Cut 3150 , manufactured with a stable, rigid portal design and equipped with a sophisticated linear guide system as well as a 5 axle CNC control system. Dynamic drives ensure…

  • Cutlite Penta AlfaCube 3020

    AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser device with 3 Cartesian axes and two rotating axes. The monolithic structure equipped with laser source allows to decrease significantly installation time and…

  • Cutlite Penta LTS

    The LTS system is proposed as the entry-level of the Cutlite Penta production range: extremely compact and reliable, it has been designed and developed aiming to a excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Cutlite Penta OF 2015-3015

    The traditional scheme of the workbench moving interpolating on two orthogonal axes allows to move the material, still keeping the optical course of the laser steady. This ensures an easier and more…

  • RAS POWERcut

    With the RAS POWERcut, you can cut sheet metal with high precision and then sort the cut pieces and transport them back to the operator. The programmable blade adjustment, the CNC backgauge and the moveable…

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