Specialising in coil handling and slitting systems, Krasser offers some of the best machines in the industry to date. The CENTURIO straightening and cutting unit offers a modular solution for the custom cutting of sheet metal from coils. Their automatic sheetmetal coil handling system combines storage, handling, straightening and cutting. This combination results in a cost and time saving solution for custom cutting or other types of processing, like punching or roll forming from sheetmetal coils.

  • Krasser Centurio

    After entering the type of material, length, width and number of pieces via the user-friendly touch screen, the Krasser centurio will do the slitting and cutting procedure automatically and timesaving. Our automatic…

  • Krasser Legionnaire

    The Legionnaire is a fully automated cutting and slitting system suitable for length and diagonal cutting sheet metals from coils. The machine allows to work with coils with up to 1,250 mm width and a weight of 2,000 kg.

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