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Flexibility in the 3-meter class!

RAS complements the Multibend Center series of automatic panel bending machines with the model RAS 79.31-2. This machine comes with a working length of 3060 mm and offers a 2 mm mild steel capacity. The tool height is suitable for deep boxes.
Dynamic servo motors, an extremely fast tool changer, scratch-free folding technology and flexible tools emphasize the uniqueness of the Multibend Center for automatic bending.

Welcome to the future!

If you want to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, in high quantity, regardless of batch-size, with the highest levels of flexibility and total repeatability, welcome to the next level of metal fabrication!

NEW: Robot stacks folded parts behind each other

New feature for the intelligent unload robot: The intelligent unloading robot of the RAS Multibend center can now create two stacks of finished parts behind each other. This utilizes the space on the pallet much more efficient. Programming or teaching of the robot is not necessary. You simply selects the stacking order. Parts can be stacked for example: one part on top of another, one part on top of another rotated with an angle, parts  stacked vertically, two stacks beside each other … and now … two stacks behind each other!

Robotic blank loading with camera system

A camera installed above a brush table captures the blank. The computer searches its database to identify the detected blank. Once a match has been found with a stored program, the control loads the program.
But that’s not all! The camera also determines the position of the blank on the brush table. This position data will be transferred to the loading robot. The robot uses the coordinates and calculates how the part can be picked and loaded to the Multibend-Center.

Ras MultiBend Center 79.31-2 Ras MultiBend Center 79.26-2 Ras MultiBend Center 79.22-2
Working length 3060 mm 2560 mm 2160 mm
Material thickness max. 2.0 mm 2.0 (2.5) mm 2.0 (2.5) mm
Box height max. (Four sides) 303 mm 203 mm 203 mm


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