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Punch Presses

Our range of punching machines cater to all customer requirements, both big and small. Various models such as basic manual punches, or complete cnc systems with automatic loading and unloading are available. In addition to standard punching machines, it is now possible to combine fiber laser cutting with your punching machine. All our punching machines are exclusively produced by Boschert and made in Germany.

  • Boschert CombiLaser

    The Boschert CombiLaser combines the advantages of high quality laser cutting with the unique features of CNC punching. Operations such as forming, beading, trimming and threading all on one machine.

  • Boschert Combicut

    Boschert has developed a cost effective alternative to combination punch / laser machines and now make it possible to cut even thin gauge sheet metal to a very high quality. The Boschert Combicut: Productivity…

  • Boschert Compact

    The cost entry into CNC punching without sacrificing quality. The COMPACT punching machine from Boschert is the perfect machine for the first-time user of CNC punching technology. The heavy-duty C-frame…

  • Boschert Compact Rotation

    Makes complex parts a breeze. Stepless 360 degree rotation of all tools up to 105 mm diameter using brushless DC motors and pneumatic indexing of Revotools. The 7-way Revotool was…

  • Boschert Eccoline

    A must for every sheet metal company. All ECCO Line machines are equipped with 28 t punching pressure (40 t on request) and Trumpf Tooling system. All models are equipped with constant punching pressure…

  • Boschert Multipunch

    Quick, precise and productive. Economical precision stamping machines, nibbling and transforming in one  heavy-duty-machine. The new MULTIPUNCH  1250 x 2000 CNC Z  completes the Boschert range of punching…

  • Boschert TWIN/TRI

    The TWIN/TRI series machines are equipped, respectively with two or three independent punch heads. Either series can be equipped with Revotool, Boschert‘s multi-tool solution. Up to 16 tools in the TWIN series and up to 24 tools in…

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