Once again Austech 2019 will open its doors to showcase the world’s leading-edge machine tool technology.

At Austech 2019 Sheetmetal Machinery Australia will showcase the latest SafanDarley E-Brake Ultra 130T-4100 with E-Bend L Blue laser angle measurement system. Proven around the world, the range of SafanDarley electric press brakes offer industries the most advanced features and production benefits.  Their unique maintenance free roller drive system is available on press brakes from 35 to 300 tons and working lengths up to 4 meters. Simply put, the SafanDarley E-Brake is faster, more accurate, cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain and more flexible than similar systems. For higher tonnage applications greater than 300 tons, SafanDarley also offer the H-Brake and H-Brake Hybrid.

Also, on display is the RAS XLTBend. This incredibly flexible UpDown folding machine is ideal for large complex parts, such as cassettes, panels and boxes. With revolutionary one-click programming software, small batch sizes can be quickly and efficiently created. Processes such as tool setup, part positioning and bending sequence are all automatically generated on the control. The hybrid gauging system with vacuum grippers allows for multiple bends to be performed automatically without operator intervention.

Both the SafanDarley press brakes and RAS XLTbend include the latest offline programming software. Enabling smaller batch sizes and streamlining of manufacturing processes.

Additionally, the Krasser Centurio slitting and coil handling system will be available for viewing and demonstrations. This completely automated slitting, blanking and coil handling system has proven itself in the roofing industry. Coils are transported to the slitting machine automatically and fed into the machine without manual intervention. Features such as the roller shear for partial cutting and automatic labelling, aid in reducing scrap and optimising workflow. Coil weight tracking and barcoding enables a holistic view of your stock and downstream processes. All parts are cut to size, labelled and ready for folding, roll forming etc.

Finally, the range of Q-Fin deburring, grinding and edge rounding machines will be on display.  With the ability to operate up to 5 times faster than similar machines and with the combination of possible finishes, the Q-Fin range presents itself as an incredibly efficient system. Models on display include the F1200, F200, WES6000 and TopGrinder.

Sheetmetal Machinery’s extensive machinery range includes products from Europe’s best machine manufacturers. Demonstrations will be running throughout the week of Austech 2019.

We look forward to seeing new and existing customers at stand 800 & 870.

Exhibition registration can be made using the following link:  http://amtil.com.au/Austech/