Spiro International SA is today the undisputed world leader in the development and manufacture of machines for the production of round ducting and fittings in sheet metal, mainly for the ventilation industry.
As the inventor of the spiral duct machine – the so-called Tubeformer – Spiro has built a sound reputation in the HVAC and sheet metal industry over the last six decades. What once started as a Tubeformer manufacturing company has transformed into a fully-fledged organization that encompasses the entire range of round and rectangular ducting equipment, as well as customized solutions for the ventilation industry. Spiro® stands for state-of-the-art machinery and world class service and support built on long-standing collaboration with customers.


  • Spiro Tubeformer 1602 / 3600 Modular-Edition

    The Tubeformer 1602 is the most sold Tubeformer model in the world! This state-of-the-art Tubeformer convinces with reliability, performance-driven approach, stability, and has the proven qualities for what…

  • Spiro Curvecutter Delta 1500

    Specially designed for cutting out segments of highest accuracy from a blank. The Curvecutter Delta 1500 is a suitable machine for a high production line together with the Spiro® Rollformer…

  • Spiro Ductline

    This powerful Ductline offers the highest output with a minimum of floor space required. As standard it’s delivered with 1 decoiler and the Spiro stateof-the-art control system.

  • Spiro Fittingshaper 1250

    A flexible machine made for mounting rubber gaskets to fittings in small volumes but with many different sizes. The Fittingshaper contributes vitally to reduce the leakage rate in the ventilation system, resulting in…

  • Spiro Florett Plasmacutter

    This machine offers the most efficient solution and highest output for any HVAC workshop. The latest version of the professional PC based controller Spiro® HS comes with a whole range of new…

  • Spiro Foldmaster Seam Closing Machine

    The semi-automatic Foldmaster makes it fast and easy to close an already prepared Pittsburgh seam on rectangular ducts and fittings. Airtight and noise free!

  • Spiro Gorelocker Beta 3

    This is an original lockseam machine manufactured of high quality machine parts. A genuine product from the world’s leading manufacturer of machines for the HVAC-industry.

  • Spiro Gorelocker Combi-T

    High production Gorelocker produce standing lockseam elbows and reducers. The high flexibility is achieved by means of 2 separate workstations: a flanging station and seam closing station. Thus the machine is always ready for…

  • Spiro Litelocker 3

    The Spiro® Litelocker is a sturdy and advanced button lock machine. It enables up to 3 plates of sheet metal to be firmly joined together (cold forming) without incurring any damages to the sheet metal surface. The press force is…

  • Spiro Ovalizer

    The Ovalizer transforms smooth and corrugated round spiral ducts into flat-oval ducts. Machine control is by PLC and the Ovalizer is equipped with superior hydraulic unit to ensure the required force.

  • Spiro Plasmacutter Cartridge Filter Unit

    Equip your Plasmacutter with a filtering unit to achieve a clean environment in your workshop and to ensure that the dust emissions are always guaranteed < 2 mg/m3. The perfectly filtered air could be…

  • Spiro PlasmaFeeder

    Use the Plasma Feeder to increase your productivity and save material. Supply your Plasmacutter directly from a coil line (2 or 4 decoilers), including sheet selector!

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