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Coil Handling

Processing sheet metal coils can be extremely time consuming, that is why Krasser has designed two machines specifically for this application. Both machines have the ability to automatically slit and cut the sheets to your desired size. While the Krasser Centurio has the option to connect to various external devices such as rollformers, lasers and punching machines. All our coil handling machines are exclusively produced by Krasser and made in Austria.

  • Stolarczyk Decoiler with Coil Cart

    Stolarczyk Automatic Decoiler
    1250mm x 5 ton
    Hydraulic Expansion of mandrels
    Simple Installation
    Available with and without coil cart

  • Krasser Centurio

    After entering the type of material, length, width and number of pieces via the user-friendly touch screen, the Krasser centurio will do the slitting and cutting procedure automatically and timesaving. Our automatic…

  • Krasser Legionnaire

    The Legionnaire is a fully automated cutting and slitting system suitable for length and diagonal cutting sheet metals from coils. The machine allows to work with coils with up to 1,250 mm width and a weight of 2,000 kg.

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