Q-Fin F600

Q-Fin F600

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Q-Fin F600 – Deburring, grinding and edge rounding

The F600 is the latest addition to the Fierde series. This smaller version of the F1200 is also equipped with a grinding device and 4 oscillating brushes. With this machine you can perform various finishing operations including deburring, grinding, removing oxide skin, sheet metal bending and edge rounding. The F600 is suitable for products with a width up to 600 mm. The minimum product dimensions are about 50 x 50 mm.

The perfect machine for finishing your (non) ferrous plate parts.

Brush system
The brush unit of the F600 is equipped with four brushes that rotate counter to each other. The brushes can be adjusted in height separately. The brush head oscillates with an adjustable stroke (short or long) across the width of the machine. This creates a non-directional finish and a smooth edge rounding. The speed of the brushes and the speed of the oscillation stroke are freely adjustable. Hereby it is possible to assemble 2 + 2 different brushes. Therefore, the Q-Fin offers a unique combination of operations, that can be processed in one passage. The brush head of this machine is also equipped with the brush height compensation system developed by Q-Fin. This system ensures for operational convenience with continuously the highest possible production speed and quality.

Depending on the materials to be finished you select a vacuum or magnet system. The transport mat is adjusted accordingly. In the standard version, the first station of the F600 consists of an abrasive head. The abrasive belt removes the burrs and incinerations marks from the product surface. You can determine the grain size of the abrasive belt yourself, depending on the height and hardness of the burr. Standard we supply a K120 abrasive belt with the machine. If you do not have any burrs you can leave the abrasive belt switched off.

The second and third station is the so-called brush unit, equipped with 4 cross-rotating brushes. You can break the sharp edges of the product with this and provide them with a large radius.

Abrasive Belt
The 600-mm wide abrasive belt is equipped with an oscillation system. This system ensures that the abrasive belt remains stable and that you do not get any snake pattern in the material when grinding. So, a lovely line grain finish is not a problem with this machine. Plus, you can determine yourself if you want to have a long or short scratch.

The grinding head is equipped with a unique, cantilevered construction what makes the F600 the most stable machine in the market. The abrasive belt is freely adjustable in speed. The grain size of the abrasive belt is by choice, depending on the height and hardness of the burr, among other things. Changing an abrasive belt is done within seconds.


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