Now in stock is the ever-popular Q-Fin TopGrinder. A great cost effective solution to manual deburring and grinding. The TopGrinder is ideal for multiple applications including grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing.

Advantages of the Q-Fin Top Grinder

The Q-Fin has 2 hand operation. This prevents the operator’s hands from touching the deburring disc whilst operating the machine.

Q-Fin uses a 260mm brush resulting in much quicker deburring times. Because of the double holders you can change from a brush to a grinding disk within seconds.

Uniform pressure.
The Q-Fin uses a heavy duty balance arm. The grinding pressure can be adjusted very easily through the balance arm creating consistence results. Grinding pressure does not need to be applied manually from above.

An extractor can be connected if required. Dust is drawn through the slotted holes around the edge of the table into the extractor. All Q-Fin Top Grinders have this feature as standard.  (extractor not included)

The Q-fin TopGrinder is on wheels and can be moved around very easily.

1200x780mm working table. The sides can be lowered for larger pieces.
A wide range of brushes, flap disc, abrasive pads and polishing discs can be used. Standard tools with a M14 fastener can be installed.

Large Vacuum area.
One 260x420mm area in the centre of the machine. Two 600x65mm strips on either side of the working table.

Machine Inclusions:

  • 2 Heads (rotatable)
  • 1 x 260mm deburring/edge rounding brush
  • Work table: 1200 x 780mm (sides can be lowered)
  • Anti slip table with large vacuum area
  • Pressure adjustable arm for uniform edge rounding

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