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Lasit machines enable users to cut, mark and engrave a wide range of materials. Materials include metals and alloys, plastics, foils and paint, metalloids and non-metals, glass, leather, wood and paper. Lasits range of machines are available in a number of sizes and can be optioned with various laser sources and accessories to suit any requirement.

  • Lasit CompactMark

    Compact only in size but big in performance, the CompactMark is a multi-functional center for laser marking. Made entirely of welded steel, and precision machined with ground ways and ball screws, it is configured with 3…

  • Lasit FlexyMark

    The FlexyMark laser system offers great flexibility in marking providing ample space for both large, complex parts as well as large trays with arrays of parts. The system comes with a wide access pneumatically…

  • Lasit MicroMark

    The MicroMark is a Class I laser marking station. The MicroMark is a fully enclosed compact desktop system fully CE and USA CDRH certified. The MicroMark comes with a convenient manual door and…

  • Lasit RotoMark

    RotoMark is a laser marking system equipped with a rotating table with a mechanical cam which has from 2 to 8 workstations. It allows marking of both small and large parts by loading and marking at the same time.

  • Lasit RotoMark XL

    RotoMarkXL is the first laser marking machine that combines the advantage of the load/unloading at the same time. The system is available with 4 to 8 positions for marking. The table diameter is available up to…

  • Lasit Rotomark-X

    RotoMarkX is a laser marking system equipped with a rotating table with a mechanical cam which has from 2 to 8 workstations. It allows marking of both small and large parts by loading and marking at the same time.

  • Lasit TowerLight

    TowerMark Light is a laser marking system that is mainly characterized by its pneumatic door. The working area is easily accessed and centering of the marks is convenient even with complex part. The door closing control…

  • Lasit TowerMark

    The TowerMark is an extremely versatile marking system and can be used both manually and in combination with a robot for loading/unloading. All components are housed inside the cabinet below which is part…

  • Lasit TowerMark X

    The laser marker TowerMarkX  is extremely versatile and configurable according to different needs and can be equipped with different types of laser sources depending on the type of material to be marked.

  • Lasit TowerMark XL

    The TowerMark XL is a larger version of the TowerMark which can be configured with many options and axes for marking and cutting. It is characterized by its exceptional flexibility. The system is available with…

  • Lasit TowerSlide X

    The marking TowerSlideX is a combination of the laser marking machine TowerMarkX. Produced and designed for those who have large production requirements and, above all, need to make the incision on..

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