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Plasma Cutting

Sheetmetal Machinery offer machinery from machine tool manufacturers Boschert and Sprio. Both manufacture dedicated plasma cutting machines for the sheet metal industry. Spiro’s Florett plasma cutter is designed with the HVAC industry as its main focus whilst Boschert’s Ergo Cut is suitable for demanding industrial applications

  • Boschert Combicut

    Boschert has developed a cost effective alternative to combination punch / laser machines and now make it possible to cut even thin gauge sheet metal to a very high quality. The Boschert Combicut: Productivity…

  • Boschert Ergo-Cut

    Industrial quality plasma cutting. The Ergo-Cut 3150 , manufactured with a stable, rigid portal design and equipped with a sophisticated linear guide system as well as a 5 axle CNC control system. Dynamic drives ensure…

  • Spiro Florett Plasmacutter

    This machine offers the most efficient solution and highest output for any HVAC workshop. The latest version of the professional PC based controller Spiro® HS comes with a whole range of new…

  • Spiro Plasmacutter Cartridge Filter Unit

    Equip your Plasmacutter with a filtering unit to achieve a clean environment in your workshop and to ensure that the dust emissions are always guaranteed < 2 mg/m3. The perfectly filtered air could be…

  • Spiro PlasmaFeeder

    Use the Plasma Feeder to increase your productivity and save material. Supply your Plasmacutter directly from a coil line (2 or 4 decoilers), including sheet selector!

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