Deburring & Finishing

Gecam GT13


Built with steel elements welded and normalized, in order to obtain a stable and rigid structure.

Machine equipped with a double track with abrasive strips translating, lower and upper, allowing the machining of the workpiece on both sides simultaneously,finish over time by uniform consumption of abrasives,

Independent motors for each working group, positioned inside the structure, brakes for an emergency.

Hoods for aspiration placed inside the machine, for each working group.

Control panel on the left side includes, power workgroups, ammeters, emergency button, adjust thickness.

Available in two models:

GT 13 CS – Cross belt machine for rounding edges on metal surfaces

GT 13 CB – Cross belt machine for oxide removal

Model Gecam GT13 CS Gecam GT13 CB
Useful working width 1300 mm 1300 mm
Total number of strip tools holder belts 2 2
Total number of strip tools 150 n° 150 n°
Dimensions of strip tools 60 x 50 mm 60 x 50 mm
Working thickness min/max from 0.4 to 90 mm from 0.4 to 90 mm
Power 18 kW 18 kW
Min. working piece dimensions 130 mm 130 mm
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