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Florett Plasma Cutter

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Florett Plasma Cutter

The Spiro Florett Plasma Cutter offers a cost effective operation for the cutting of a wide range of sheet metal. This machine is ideally suited for light industrial operation, where sheet metal thickness does not exceed 8.0 mm.

A perfect example is its employment in the HVAC industry and related branches. It is ideal to produce parts for ventilation components, e.g. parts for bends, T-pieces and reducers.


The Cutcam Software

The SPIRO Cutcam Software has been designed to meet the demands of many special product applications as well as those of the general fabricator. The Camduct Software package for the ventilation industry deserves special mention; the parmetric libraries for round, rectangular and flat-oval fittings provide an extremely powerful tool to improve operating efficiency.

With the CAD program OPUS 3 and the PUDS Software, other industries can also dramatically improve their productivity. To assure maximum efficiency, the equipment can be connected directly to a peripheral CAD/CAM office computer to create cutting programs of any imaginable contour.


-   Spiro PC-Based Control System
-   Increased Traverse Speed by 50%
-   Reduces Total Production Time up to 20%
-   No Time Consuming Program Download
-   Network Connection and USB
-   No Zero Point Return 
-   CAM-DUCT Software from MAP



Work Area

1500 x 3000 mm(5' x 10')

Traverse Speed

40 m/min.(131 fpm) both X- and Y- axis

Plasma Unit

60 Amp


Full license of CAM-Duct from MAP included

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